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Q1 : How can I download music from this website ?

In order to access download, you need to register in. Click HERE to register and log in.

Note : You must be a media professional. We are not able to make our recordings available to the public at large.


Q2 : Is copyright free music ?

Wrong. We are music publishers and license our works around the world in a responsible way. Each use of our works is licensed and a royalty is duly paid to the composer. Any unlicensed use of our recordings will be vigorously pursued.  


Q3 : How much does it cost ?

Access and download are free. If you choose to license our music, synchronisation will be invoiced to you considering our rates. Ask for a quote at any moment on 0033 147 354 605.


Q4 : Once I have found a track, can I get a different version of it ?

While you are playing a track, you can see on your top right hand corner a "VERSIONS" tab. You will find there many versions of the title you are listening to.


Q5 : How is the music catalogued on this site ?

You can either search by label, use keywords or the guided search. Don't forget to take a look at our Playlists, Top 50 and News.


Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact:



Email : lorraine@cdm-music.com

Tel : 0033 147 354 605